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Testimonials (Continued)

"My first visit to the Los Angeles Center for Healing over 3 years ago was highly beneficial to me. Dr. Gormly was patient, yet matter-of-fact, answered all my questions and started me on my journey to an even healthier way of living. I've also attended a couple of the center's evening lectures since then, which are highly informative. This year, I FINALLY took the leap of faith to embark on an education and career in Kinesiology - all because of my first visit to the center. Dr. Gormly helped me, and I want to help others."

- K.H.

"Dr. Gormly made me feel so much better so quickly! She identified foods to avoid, gave me the right supplements, did professional tweaks, and gave me valuable homework assignments. I'd had headaches for years and now I hardly ever do! Best of all, she can treat remotely; a big plus as I live out-of-state (but I try to see her whenever I'm in town!)."

- SK, New Jersey

"I have been a patient of Dr. Gormly for over 25 years and have much gratitude for her unusually sensitive and careful attention to my body, which has responded to her help, with the gift of my good health for all these years."

- H.F.

"I met Dr. Gormly a few years ago when my daughter contracted Mononucleosis in college. A virus that attacks the liver if not treated right. The horror stories were endless and I was searching for a homeopathic way to help my child. Dr. Gormly helped a friend of mine with kidney condition and I brought my daughter to her. Three weeks into treatment (no other medications were used), Dr. Gormly cleared the virus out of my daughter system and she was feeling healthy again. I strongly recommend for anyone who wants a healthier path to fight off disease to go and see Dr. Teresa Gormly."

- I.W.

"I have been using Network Chiropractic care for nearly twenty years. Over these years I have seen my stress levels lower and my general well being raise. Of all the Chiropractors I have experienced during these twenty years Dr. Theresa Gormly is by far the best."

- J.M.

"I have never met a physician with more intuitive insight into the ailments of her patients, and certainly no one with as much accuracy, as Theresa Gormly, D.C. More than any medical practitioner whom I have encountered, I trust Dr. Gormly more than anyone. She has always been successful treating me. Dr. Gormly is light years ahead of the best!"

- J.W.

"Theresa Gormly at the Los Angeles Center for Healing has opened my eyes to the wonders of my body. I have learned what foods my body best responds to and what to avoid. The free lectures Theresa offers are a favorite of mine and I'm very grateful to be able to absorb her wealth of knowledge whenever possible. I encourage everyone to visit Theresa."

- M.S.

"Working with Theresa Gormly has been amazing. After 20 years of suffering with headaches and allergies she has solved the problems. After so many other Dr. couldn't help me Theresa spent the time to really figure out what was the cause. My whole family goes now and we also love the staff."

- B.H.

"When I first started visiting Dr. Gormly I was in constant back pain. She did spinal networking on me and it worked like a miracle. My back got better and stayed much much better. I highly recommend her."

- S.W.